Preowned Analog

Durand TonearmsTaleaGently Used Tonearm with Cable$7,000.00$3100
Durand TonearmsTelosReference Tonearm in Great Condition!$25,500.00$9950
Jackt AmpexATR-102Brand New Reference Upgraded Tape Machine - The BEST!$21,500.00$21500
MCIJH-110AGood Condition, but needs a little love.$$$$$1975
GoldmundStudio T4Turntable with Tonearm$5,495.00$3250
LinnLP-12 Valhallawith Ekos II Tonearm$5,195.00$2350
Wave KineticsNVS Reference Turntable$45,000.00$31500
AmpexATR-102Reference Tape Machine$18,500.00SOLD
Basis Audio2000Turntable$2,400.00SOLD
Basis Audio Debut Mk. VVacuum Reference Turntable$29,995.00SOLD
Durand TonearmsTalea IIGreat Tonearm in Great Condition$9,500.00SOLD
Durand TonearmsTalea IILike New Condition Tonearm$9,500.00SOLD
DynavectorXV-1SLess Than 30 Hours of Use5400SOLD
EMT948Broadcast Direct Drive Masterpiece with Tonearm and Phonostage!$18,000.00SOLD
ForsellAir Referencewith Linear Tracking Tonearm$29,995.00SOLD
Garrard501 - LoricraftBrand New - Never Setup$22,000.00SOLD
GoldmundReference Turntable With Stand and T3F Linear Tracking TonearmVery Rare and Among The Best Ever Built!!!$75,000.00SOLD
Graham EngineeringPhantom B-44Tonearm with MK II Upgrades$4,799.00SOLD
Graham Engineering2.2 Referencewith Graham Mount$3,500.00SOLD
Grand Prix AudioMonacoDirect Drive Turntable$20,000.00SOLD
Grand Prix AudioMonacoDirect Drive Turtnable$20,000.00SOLD
KuzmaStabi XL w/ AirlineBrand New - with Optional 4 Motors$38,000.00SOLD
Micro Magic (Bluelectric)Magic DiamondMedium Output MC - 425 Hours$5,000.00SOLD
NottinghamHyperspacewith 12" Anna Tonearm$9,000.00SOLD
OrtofonMC-A90Brand New In Unopened Box $4,200.00SOLD
OrtofonMC-A95Newly Retipped by Ortofon. 0 Hours.$6,500.00SOLD
OrtofonMC-AnnaReference Cartridge - 250 Hours$9,000.00SOLD
OrtofonMC-AnnaReference Cartridge - The Best!!! Only mounted for Photo Shoot$9,000.00SOLD
OrtofonMC-A90Like New! 10 Hours$4,200.00SOLD
OrtofonMC-A95Limited Edition Cartridge $6,500.00SOLD
Reed2A12" Tonearm with cryo'd C37 cable$5,500.00SOLD
Rockport TechnologiesSirius IIAir Bearing Turntable$53,000.00SOLD
Rockport TechnologiesSirius IIIAir Bearing Turntable$85,000.00SOLD
SMEModel 30with SME IV.Vi Tonearm$28,000.00SOLD
StuderA80 RC MK IIReference 1/2" 2 Track Tape Machine$4,800.00SOLD
StuderA80RReference 1/4" 2 Track Tape Maching$20,000.00SOLD
The SoundsmithHyperion OCLReference Moving Iron Cartridge - Less Than 25 Hours$7,500.00SOLD
The SoundsmithStrain Gauge SG-200 MKIVAbsolute Reference Cartidge With Own Phonostage!$8,590.00SOLD
The SoundsmithStrain Gauge SG-200Cartridge and Phonostage with SG6 and SG5 Styli$9,350.00SOLD
The SoundsmithThe VoiceWonderful Moving Iron Cartridge$2800.00SOLD
Tri-PlanarMk. VII TonearmBlack 1.5m RCA$5,700.00SOLD
Tri-PlanarMK. VII UII - Silver Reference Tonearm with 1.5m RCA Cable$6,200.00SOLD
TW AcusticsRaven ACwith Raven 10.5 Tonearm$22,500.00SOLD
VPISuper Scoutmaster TurntableWith Speed Control & Tonearm$8,300.00SOLD
V.y.g.e.r.Indian SignatureReference Turntable$70,000.00SOLD