Preowned Digital

Merging TechnologiesNADAC StereoStereo PCM / 4X DSD DAC$11,000.00$7200
dCSElgar+24/192 DAC$17,500.00SOLD
dCSVeronaMaster Clock$7,000.00SOLD
dCSVerdiReference SACD / CD Transport$10,995.00SOLD
dCSScarlattiSACD / CD Transport$32,999.00SOLD
dCSScarlattiMaster Clock$9,999.00SOLD
Einstein AudioThe SourceCD Player$18,400.00SOLD
EMM Labs CDSA-SESACD / CD Player$11,500.00SOLD
EMM LabsTSD-1SACD / CD Transport$11,000.00SOLD
EMM LabsDAC-2Stereo D/A$9,500.00SOLD
EMM LabsXDS-1CD / SACD Player$25,000.00SOLD
EMM LabsDCC2-SECD / SACD DAC / Preamplifier$13,500.00SOLD
EsotericUX-1CD / DVD / SACD Player$14,000.00SOLD
exaSounde28 FCAll Resolution DAC$3,650.00SOLD
HarmonixReimyoReference CD Player$18,500.00SOLD
LindemannD680CD / SACD Player$10,000.00SOLD
LinnUnidisk 1.1Universal CD/DVD/SACD Player$11,000.00SOLD
MarantzSA-7S1CD / SACD Player$7,000.00SOLD
MBL1611DBrand New In Box DAC$19,584.00SOLD
Merging TechnologiesNADAC Stereo + POWERStereo PCM / 4X DSD DAC Plus Optional External Power Supply$18,500.00SOLD
MytekManhattanPCM / DSD 4X DAC$5,000.00SOLD
Playback DesignsIPS-3Integrated Amplifier / Preamplifier / 4X DSD DAC$13,000.00SOLD
Playback DesignsMPS-5 ReferenceSACD - CD Player / DSD 2X DAC - With USB-X$17,000.00SOLD
MytekManhattan IIDAC with Volume Control$6,000.00SOLD
MytekStereo 192-DSD DACDSD DAC$1,700.00SOLD
Playback DesignsIPS-3Integrated Amplifier / Preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC$13,000.00SOLD
Playback DesignsMPD-3PCM / DSD 2X DAC$6,500.00SOLD
Playback DesignsMPS-5 ReferenceSACD - CD Player / DSD 2X DAC - With USB-X$17,000.00SOLD
Wadia781iCD / SACD Player$15,000.00SOLD
Zanden2000PCD Transport$27,970.00SOLD
Zanden5000 MKIV SigDAC$15,470.00SOLD