Wave Kinetics W8 Record Weight and A10-U8R Vibration Control Are In Stock

These amazing products by Wave Kinetics have everyone who hears them flipping out at what an improvement they make.

The Wave Kinetics W8 is a record weight unlike any other. Most weights simply offer a bit of mass and take very little consideration into the materials used. Brass for example is very commonly used, but really not effective. The W8 not only absorbs floorborne vibrations but also deals with vibrations created by the turntables themselves.  It is a must have for anyone who listens to vinyl.

The A10-U8R vibration control system is also extremely unique. It works like a pair of footers, but actually looks more like a pillow for your audio components. It’s other use is as a damping device for the top of your audio electronics.

Most people who have heard both of these remarkable products share how there is a disappearance of spurious noise, a widening of the soundstage and increased dynamic range.

The Wave Kinetics W8 Record Weight is priced at only $600 and the Wave Kinetics A10-U8R is only $300. Order early, we are having difficulty keeping them in stock.

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